1. Pick the destination


Planning your next weekend getaway was never easier! Pick your destination and let Little Mouse introduce you to the new place in a very unique way. Binging on guidebooks is never fun, but we fixed that! Our routes are designed to help you get most out of the trip and alleviate the pain of prep work.

2. Rediscover yourself in a new place


Explore world-famous attractions, discover “hidden gems” and hang out like the locals. We brew a perfect blend of guilty ‘touristy’ pleasures mixed with ‘off the beaten path’ experiences. Add a tiny bit of wanderlust and off you go. Hungry? We worked some of the best food options, from food trucks to cozy cafes and restaurants into the route – one less thing for you to worry about.

3. Immerse yourself in the exploration


Launch a map and follow the route, moving from one attraction to the next. Click on the point of interest to learn more about the background and history, working hours, cover fees, address and helpful tips including recommended time to spend.

4. Tip Little Mouse


We don’t charge for the service and strongly believe in making it available for everyone to enjoy. This also means that we depend on your support to keep it running, expand the coverage of destinations and improve the experience. If you want to tip us but are not sure how much is enough – think of the last time you tipped as a good way to determine the amount that is fair and enter it in the box.


I am a Little Mouse. I’m a little creature with a curious mind. The vastness of the world is overwhelming, especially for anyone 2 inches tall. But I try to take it one small step at a time. And that way, as I travel, my world becomes brighter, more familiar and …smaller. Just the way Little Mouse likes it.


For me, travel is about the experiences and places yet unknown. Every journey adds more fuel to my wanderlust. There is no place I wouldn’t want to go and each one has its unique blend of history, architecture, new cultures, cuisines and experiences to offer.


As I continue my journey, I would like to share my experiences and knowledge about the places with you. Unsurprisingly, little things is what I like and nothing fits the description better than a weekend trip. I want it to be something you can take at your own pace so that you can have a more immersive experience, something a bus tour can never offer. I appreciate good things in life and will try to share all of it: must see attractions, great places to eat, peaceful parks to rest and hidden spots to make you feel as a local. Your weekend will be loaded with new impressions to make you look forward to the next one.


I’m committed to enhance content quality and app usability to provide the best experience, so your feedback, suggestions and tips would be thoughtfully considered and greatly appreciated.


I am Little Mouse – a citizen of the world with a backpack always on and would like you to join me in my journey.